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About us


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SuperiorPentest, a Hungarian cybersecurity company, plays a prominent role in the domestic and international market to strengthen the cyber security of enterprises. In an increasingly stringent cybersecurity regulations and standards have given rise to the company's services, which focus on penetration testing (pentest).

This service is key for businesses to meet the high cybersecurity requirements imposed by regulations. SuperiorPentest's experts use the latest techniques and methodologies to identify and analyse vulnerabilities, ensuring that businesses' IT systems are as secure as possible.

Our firm's services are comprehensive and include full cybersecurity auditing, detailed vulnerability reporting, and compliance consulting on the latest cybersecurity standards and regulations. SuperiorPentest specialises not only in identifying technical vulnerabilities, but also in providing businesses with practical and actionable solutions to address identified vulnerabilities. This proactive approach helps businesses keep pace with the rapidly changing cybersecurity environment and gain an edge over their competitors.

SuperiorPentest places particular emphasis on the development of non-IT backgrounds business managers, ensuring that their reports and advice are clear and easy to understand, and easy to use. This approach is particularly important as many business leaders does not have in-depth knowledge of technology, yet they need to make important decisions about cyber security strategy. The company's experts can help, enabling business leaders to make informed decisions and ensure their business is secure from cyber threats.


How is this different from everything else I’ve seen?

Our approach is unique because we not only detect vulnerabilities but also provide customized, actionable solutions. Unlike many others, our expertise is specifically honed in the financial sector, with a deep understanding of the threats and challenges faced by banks and insurers.

What is in it for me?

Partnering with us ensures your organization stays ahead of cyber threats, protecting your assets, customer data, and reputation. Our service mitigates the risk of financial loss due to data breaches and ensures compliance with regulatory standards, giving you peace of mind.

How do I know this is real?

Our credibility is backed by a solid track record of over 5 years, serving major players in the financial industry. Our team consists of recognized and experienced professionals who are experts in the latest attack vectors and defense techniques.

What’s holding me back?

Often, it's the uncertainty about the cost, disruption to business operations, or skepticism about the effectiveness of new security measures. We address these concerns with competitive pricing, minimal operational interference, and proven, measurable security enhancements.

Who/What is to Blame?

The rapid evolution of cyber threats and the increasing sophistication of hackers are to blame for rising security challenges. However, staying passive or relying on outdated security measures exacerbates the problem.

Why now?

The digital threat landscape is evolving more rapidly than ever, making now the critical moment to bolster your defenses. Delaying can increase vulnerability to cyber-attacks, with potentially severe financial and reputational consequences.

Why should I trust you?

Trust in our extensive experience, specialized focus on the financial sector, and our track record of success. Our commitment to innovation and staying ahead of cyber threats demonstrates our dedication to your security.

How does it work?

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your current security posture, followed by penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities. We then provide a detailed report and actionable recommendations tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

How can I get started?

Getting started is easy. Contact us for an initial consultation. We'll discuss your needs, concerns, and how our services can be tailored to fit your organization. From there, we'll outline the next steps and how we can begin fortifying your defenses.

What do I have to lose?

The real question is, what do you stand to lose without our services? Without adequate protection, you risk financial loss, data breaches, loss of customer trust, and potential regulatory penalties. Investing in robust cybersecurity measures with us is an investment in your organization's future stability and success.